Sticks And Stones And Broken Bones


With the sun setting on another Remembrance Day; I took a walk along an unplanned route on the Isle of Luing, where I live. I had in mind getting some fresh air after several days spent indoors, finding some new sources for photography and some peace.


Coming across this skull, picked clean, amongst a circle of strewn feathers and other bone fragments; I paused to wonder on the nature of peace. Even here in this wild place it is hard to find – for members of the bird and animal variety that is.


Here on this heather-clad knoll has been created a tiny, natural garden of remembrance. At least I will never forget the bird that once soared graceful and free in the skies above this beautiful island.


Peace for humans will never be achievable while we allow sticks and stones to break our bones, and the word of others to hurt us.

Helen Thomson Finnie 10/11/2019

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