We are told that the word of god granted man
Dominion over animals.
Man conveyed this interpretation of the word of god
from man to man.
Across all divides man came together to put animal to use.
Or to death.

Our reportedly developed, and enlightened world
continues to put to use – and perpetrate death.
To cause the world we all share,
Not to prosper, but to decline
And eventually fall.

We grant ourselves particular domination
In the name of “tourism and leisure’.
Where the killing of animals is sugar-coated as
Activities for the wealthy with no conscience.
With neither sense, nor soul, arguably.

We are all beings
Living on the same earth.
There is no dominion greater than that of nature itself.
That of the natural laws of the evolution of each
Animal family. Our family, too.

Dominion was invented by man to overcome weakness.
Not that of the animal but that of the man.
Nature has no dominion, no deity.
Man is neither god, nor wise as a god.
Man has put his wallet where his heart is.


Helen Finnie

Inspired by a Facebook post from: FP Family Polaris
from which the above image was taken.